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Avva - means a respected grand-mother, a respected mother, any old or respectable woman in the Indian language of Dravidian.  In Hebrew it means to overturn or ruin which links the reputation that gin had as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ from the Hogarth era.

Our still has been named after the founder/owners grand-mothers, Jessie Jean (J-J) and was made in Elgin by Speyside Copper Works. We believe this is the first Scottish made gin still in the whole of the UK within the small batch sector.

At the heart of Elgin’s history is the iconic Cathedral.  Although the stunning Cathedral is now a ruin, the stone features again are credit to highly skilled craftsmen from the area.  It is in the old Cathedral city of Elgin, that our small copper still J-J combines heat, spirit and specially selected Speyside, Highland and traditional botanicals.  The bottle was selected in the spring and went into production in July for delivery in August.   The style was selected for its traditional apothecary look, clean lines and easy pour.

Graphic designers Pocket Rocket Creative, these guys are awesome and were faced with a hefty task of honing and refining several ideas to create our label. The ‘rose window’ which is featured through the design was created by PRC to depict what the Cathedral window may have looked like.  Elgin Cathedral is central to the history and has been respectfully included in our label design.

When we say hand-crafted & small-batch, this is the entire truth. Our small-batch distilled spirit is bottled by hand, with each bottle being individually numbered and signed by the Master Distiller.

The Highland-Speyside region is steeped in distilling history, which we join by having one of the smallest stills in the region. At the moment we won’t be open for tours but give us a little bit of time and this is something that is very high on our to-do list, firstly we want to get the gin out to you!

(Oh and also, our production unit is shared with Berry Good, who produce award winning liqueurs!)